Warranty policy


  • All Proturbo products are backed by a one (1) Year Limited Warranty.
  • All Warranty claims must be authorized by Proturbo LLC Either by calling us at 512-992-0000 or email at sales@proturbo.us
  • The one (1) Year Limited Warranty covers all manufacturer defects.
  • Any modification to the Proturbo / Proturbo Reman product voids the one (1) Year Limited Warranty.
  • The one (1) Year Limited Warranty does not cover :
    • Failures due to Improper installation or Maintenance
    • Failure due to Lack of low or contaminated lubricant
    • Over-temperature operation
    • Using liquid gasket or sealing compounds
    • foreign object Damage
    • abuse, accidents, coating, fire damage, crash damage, shipping damage, improper component fitment, etc.
  • There are no other warranties stated or implied that extend beyond that described above or warrant fitness for a particular purpose other than stated for a given item. Please contact Proturbo or your dealer concerning warranty claims.
  • Once the warranty claim is authorized Proturbo will provide the customer with a prepaid UPS Ground shipping label
  • Diagnostic and resolution of the claim will be made within 3 to 5 business days
  • A credit or replacement of the unit will be sent if the unit is under warranty
  • No labor or ‘inconvenience’ charge may be included in any claims.
  • When an item is sent to the manufacturer for a warranty claim, Proturbo will not provide a replacement. It is the Manufacturer’s discretion whether they will replace the item, or not.

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